Changing Tactics
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Changing Tactics

Lauren had always known about The Plan. Ji had drilled it into her head over the years along with all her samurai training, impressing its importance on her.

And she remembered it, remembered her father's calm explanation when she'd tearfully demanded why they were taking her brother away.

She knew why the plan had been made, and she knew better than anyone what it meant, and would mean, the day her brother came back to defeat Master Xandred.

She dreamed sometimes about how it would happen. That one day her brother would arrive at the door, strong and proud and ready to fight.

Or he'd rescue them from a Nighlock, blocking a blow for her at the last minute.

They'd be in the Samurai Megazord, and Octozord would suddenly appear and attack the Nighlock with her brother as its pilot. There were several variations.

He would take over leadership of the team, as he was meant to, and she would fight at his side. She would be his protector, just as she had been since the day he was born.

She'd finally have the chance to *know* him again, to talk to him and learn about all the things that had happened in his life while he was gone.

And when Master Xandred was finally defeated, they would be a family again.

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