Changing Channels
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A fan work by oliviamasen21 posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Changing Channels

My eyes widen in horror as a wide smile plasters itself onto my face and I begin to sing, “My name is… Joe! Hello, Hello, Hello!”

This is hell alright. What am I doing?

My body is out of my control as it dances and sings songs of frogs. My stomach lurches every time my body leaps up from a squatting position.

Yet my voice is calm and my smile is irreversibly stitched in place.

It feels like a lifetime before the music ceases and the dancing turns into a friendly stance, my lips are still moving but I am no longer singing, rather I’m talking as if to a kid.

“That was fun! Now let’s look at some more frogs, through the windows!”

“-a fund of over 30 million dollars to be used for national defense..”

What just happened? My voice is laced with passion and anger and my hands refuse to stop flapping about along with everything it says. My body is seated now, behind a table.

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