Champions of Kirkwall
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Champions of Kirkwall

The twins panted as they sprinted behind their mother and siblings, their breath forming clouds in the air.

She trailed a bit behind him, doing her best to keep back any threats as her brother weaved spells and threw blasts of ice or fire.

Their mother stumbled, falling to her knees, and Garrett almost tripped over her.

Marian turned around, her long daggers at the ready as growls sounded, the blighted creatures making their way ever closer.

“Garrett, watch mother,” she said and jumped toward the tainted creatures, blades piercing flesh with a sickening squish.

Garrett stood with his staff at the ready, sending calculated fireballs toward the darkspawn, trying his best to avoid hitting his siblings.

Carver growled as he swung his large sword and Bethany cast a wall of fire between the creatures and themselves, effectively cutting them off.

“That seems to be all of them,” Carver says, walking toward his mother and siblings. Marian stood silently about a foot away from the group, jaw tense as she glanced around.

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