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A written piece by genuka adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Chamber Change

Emerald eyes matched with messy black hair and a skinny, malnourished body stared in shock as the gem encrusted sword of Godric Gryffindor fell from the Sorting Hat.

Harry really had a bad feeling about this but didn't see another option. Snatching up the sword he grimly faced the Basilisk, careful to keep his eyes from meeting the deadly yellow gaze.

"~Stay still little meal. I will gobble you and your lovely blood and bones up,~" the Basilisk hissed in glee.

"~I didn't want to fight you, either of you. I just wanted to help Ron get his sister back,~" Harry hissed back desperately.

"~Wait!~" Tom Riddle hissed the command and the Basilisk paused in its approach, obeying its master as it automatically closed its inner eyelid as a safety precaution.

"~Are you willing to bargain like a Slytherin, Potter?~"

"~Sure, the stupid hat wanted me in Slytherin in the first place. I had to argue to get into Gryffindor,~" Harry admitted.

It was a little surreal to be discussing whatever this was completely in parseltongue but at least he wasn't fighting for his life... yet.

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