Cerulean Silver vs Amber Gold
Cerulean Silver vs Amber Gold alternate universe stories

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Cerulean Silver vs Amber Gold

Edward Elric was not happy.

Actually, saying that would be a complete understatement; Edward Elric was pissed.

He still wasn't sure exactly what he was doing sitting in a fancy looking private car on a train bound for a place that Ed was quite sure wasn't supposed to exist.

He'd spent most of the trip so far staring grouchily out the window at the lush green scenery outside as it whizzed past his vision.

There was no one to talk to. Well, no one

anyway. Ed glanced over at the other people in the car. There was one chubby guy with an idiotic face and short, bristly hair and another thickset boy with a pudding-bowl haircut.

One of them had his long, gorilla-like arms folded over his chest while the other was reading some comic book.

They were grinning wickedly along with one other boy, a pale-faced boy with white-blonde hair, pointed features, and cold silver eyes.

Like a boss of the mob, he lay stretched out on the seat with his head on the lap of the only girl in the compartment. He was easily distinguished as the leader.

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