Celestial Embers
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Celestial Embers

Natsu frowned down at Sorcerer's Weekly, flipping the pages aimlessly as if he wasn't looking for anything in particular, or bothered by anything in particular,

however he always ended up on the same page.

Lucy had lost a bet to Mira and had taken her place as the magazine's centerfold.

Not only that, but it also featured a five page spread of her, posing half-naked in bathing suits and nightgowns.

That, along with Lucy answering some very personal questions the reporters had asked.

And as if that wasn't enough, at the end there was a small form that men who bought the magazine could fill out to win a date with Fairy Tail's one and only Lucy, Celestial Wizard extraordinaire.

When Lucy had told Natsu about her lost bet, he and Happy had guffawed endlessly. It was absolutely hilarious.

Lucy would have to pose in the magazine she read so often, but had vowed she would never star in. Was she modest? Maybe. Natsu didn't know.

But what he did know was that it was absolutely hysterical that she was going to be flaunted in front of the entire wizarding community, and undoubtedly she'd be embarrassed for years.

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