Cause To Live
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Cause To Live

His people’s only chance for survival was to find others capable of fighting without magic but he knew none in his time who were capable of such things.

Suddenly grateful of his power to travel and manipulate time,

which would finally become helpful to his people’s cause he knew his only option was to look for those necessary outside the time he lived within.

So he had.

With a little help from a dear family friend he found Spartacus, a man trained as a gladiator who took a small clutch of gladiators and slaves and turned then into soldiers.

They beat back the might of Rome, those such as Marcus Crassus and Gaius Julius Caesar.

A story of rebellion that seeded a people with the thoughts of freedom that Greer only knew because Danny was among their people and a historian.

Greer might have been taught to never undo history, never change what is but all of the men from Spartacus’ team of fighters ended up dead on the cross or the battlefield.

He would bring them to his time and they would teach the Vannas, his people, how to fight without the benefit of magical powers.

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