Caught in the Rapture
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Caught in the Rapture

Darkness surrounded her. It was both blinding and intense as Felicity tried to gain her bearings. Although her vision had been impaired, it also served to sharpen her other senses.

She could hear the rapid pounding of her heartbeat in her ears. Taste the coppery, bitter tang of bile and blood in her mouth.

Smell the sweat and tears that had become embedded in the cloth covering her face.

Her sense of touch was the most acute. She could feel the hard thumping of her heart in her chest. Feel the ache in her muscles from the struggle to defend herself.

Feel the tight pressure at her wrists and ankles from the zip ties that kept her bound. Every few minutes the floor would vibrate and shake, jostling her. They were on the move.

To where, Felicity had no idea.

Her concept of time was lost. It could've been hours or days since they'd captured her. Whatever they'd injected her with prevented lucidity.

She drifted in and out of consciousness with nothing but the constant pain and rumbling sensation beneath her to remind her that she was alive.

She'd been dreaming of the sun and crystal blue waves breaking against a white-sand beach when a loud clanging sound interrupted. The noise was like metal being torn apart.

Moments later, there were hands on her. She struggled to avoid them, but it was futile with her own limbs bound.

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