Cathartic Psychotherapy: Black Ops
Cathartic Psychotherapy: Black Ops doctor/patient stories

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Cathartic Psychotherapy: Black Ops

As Juan made to close the door to Medical behind him, he heard Julia’s soft footfall follow him to the doorway. “Come back, Chairman.”

He stopped in the corridor, prosthetic and flesh-and-bone feet both nestling on thick carpet, and looked back at her.

She’d re-dyed her hair to its natural brown in the hours since they returned to the

: now back in her customary lab coat over a skirt and shirt instead of Chinese army uniform,

there was nothing left aside from a little faded fake tan to remind him of the faux aide who had come to his rescue. “What is it?”

Julia gestured towards the cubicle beyond the one where MacD Lawless was dozing off. “I still haven’t examined you – it’s necessary irrespective of you having rested and rehydrated.”

He shrugged. “OK.” Worried as he was about Linda, he couldn’t do anything about her situation until the

reached Brunei, and repeatedly rethinking their position wasn’t getting him anywhere yet.

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