Catching Hold
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A short story by letters_of_stars posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Catching Hold

Once upon a time, when he was young and naive and still had time for strolling through artisans’ booths, Art can remember seeing pieces of pottery,

smashed and then put back together with lacquer and shimmering gold. Kintsugi, it was called, and supposedly, as the woman selling it had said, there was beauty in the breakage.

Broken pieces can be fit together stronger and more beautiful than before, she’d told them.

Gasuke had taken his time looking through the pots while Art got more and more anxious about his upcoming meeting with the previous superintendent they were

to be late for. Finally, Gasuke decided upon a small pot with silver-colored lacquer, just the right size for a plant in his office as he explains to Art while he pays.

Kintsugi. Finding beauty in the breakage. As time passes, Art is realizing just what a lie that was.

When something breaks, it breaks, and all you have is smashed pottery and no way to put things back together.

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