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There's been a situation, of fucking course.

Day one, year 7, and I can't even walk up to my Magic Words class without being told that the world is ending,

. By now, I should be expecting it. This happens every bloody year at Watford, and (of course) they just

to call on me. Simon Snow. Chosen One.

, who cant even use his magic properly. It's a wonder why the Board of Magic still lets the Mage send me out on these missions.

Honestly, the title is embarrassment enough, but sending me out there is like bombing your own army. Admittedly, I used to enjoy the Mage's missions.

Seeing as the Mage is the closest thing I have to family (orphan life, what can you do?

), having him put so much trust in me used to be such a thrill (regardless of the inevitable doom I'd meet). Now, though, I'd rather not do anything to help the Mage.

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