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written piece by solziv posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


Perplexity, resentment and rejection – it was impossible to merge all three emotions and display it on a face in one look, but, somehow, Taryn managed to do just that.

Green eyes narrowed at the taunting nature of the padlock on her door; against the knowledge that she hadn’t the strength to pull it free, her gloved hand futilely tugged.

It was her friend’s place, really, but, since they had shed the mortal coil, she couldn’t afford the rent to stay – hence the oversized padlock.

She let go of it and turned away to observe the cloudy, afternoon sky.

So far, today had not been particularly good, nor astonishingly bad, but the blue-haired teen was in the mood for a strong drink.

she thought grimly.

As she traversed the cleaned up, rebuilt Slums, her heavy-duty boots lazily scuffed against the ground, her mind almost willing rain to fall; then, at least,

she could get a little sympathy for being soaking wet.

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