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A written piece by marcusrowland adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Cat Chaser

"Miss Potts."

Pepper turned away from the New York skyline and said "Yes, Jarvis?"

"There is a cat in laboratory four."

"What sort of cat?"

"A small brown one. It does not appear to be of any particular pedigree or breed. If it was a dog I would call it a mongrel."

"You're a snob, Jarvis. Okay... make sure it doesn't get into anything that will hurt it, I'll be down in a second. Any sign of Tony?"

"Mister Stark is still en-route, ETA approximately eleven minutes."

Pepper descended to the laboratories and followed Jarvis' directions to a clear area, where one of Tony's industrial robots was keeping the cat busy with a laser pointer.

She kneeled and said "Cut the laser. Hey, kitty."

The cat pretended to ignore her until she clicked her fingers, then it sidled towards her, and allowed her to stroke its ears and eventually pick it up.

"Hey now, what's your name?" She noticed that it was wearing a collar, and looked at a small metal tag. "Pasadena Humane Society - My name is Streaky." On the back was a phone number.

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