Castaways and Cutouts
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Castaways and Cutouts

Jimmy thinks he might have gotten something of Richard's true measure by this point.

On some level, Jimmy's sick and tired of the lessons pushed on him time and time again by Nucky, by his mother, but if the two of them agree on anything, they probably have a point.

You should know the people who work for you. In the trenches, you have to make the right decision in an instant. The difference could be life or death.

Back home that's still an important skill- and first impressions mean a lot, but there's usually more time to think things over.

Richard tries to keep the expression on his real face as calm as his mask. When composed, the two halves seem to form something of a fractured shield.

But everyone who sees Richard can tell that he's broken.

It's something sad and unfair and Jimmy can't begin to imagine what that's like- what it feels like, on the inside or the outside- but in the sense that it's a signal,

that the Richard who came home from France isn't the Richard who left for it… Jimmy wouldn't mind a visual marker of that of his own.

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