Carry Your Heart
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fanfic by thesickenerhits adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Carry Your Heart

Alex exhaled, smoke from her last cigarette of the summer break curling out into the evening air.

Bottles clinked as Nicky set down two chilled beers on the rooftop between them. Settling herself on the warm tiles, she grinned.

"You got your shit ready for tomorrow?"

They had been on the roof of Nicky’s house all afternoon, working their way through any alcohol left from past parties while they watched the sun set over the horizon.

Alex gave a hoarse laugh, flicking the tobacco-tarred butt out into the empty sky.

"I'm never ready to start teaching again after summer." She turned a soft smile in her housemate's direction. "You know that."

Nicky bumped her elbow against the brunette's arm. "There's fresh blood though, right? I heard Fig hired some pretty cute new girls for this year."

Alex turned, smirking. "

, not girls. This is why you can't get a girlfriend."

The only response was shrug and a smile, accompanied by the raising of a glistening beer bottle, slick with condensation. "I get laid. That's enough for now.

” There was a soft silence around them as Nicky paused, fondly eyeing her companion. “You gonna drink your beer, or what?"

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