Carry on My Wayward Soul
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fan work by kirallie adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Carry on My Wayward Soul

Acheron made his way into the house and towards the back, knowing where his friend would be at this time of day.

Sure enough he found Shemu'el sprawled on a couch with a sketchbook open in front of him. The younger Dark Hunter looked up and smiled at him, happy to see his boss.

Acheron had to admit that the Egyptian born hunter was one of his favourites; Shemu'el never gave him any of the problems the others tended to.

"Hi boss." He greeted, sitting up.

"Hi Sam.

" Acheron greeted, using the more modern version of his name since that was what Shemu'el usually preferred and it was a bit easier to pronounce,

though compared to his own name either version was very easy. He grinned as messy dark hair fell into Sam's black eyes, making him shove it back in irritation.

"Get the feeling this isn't a social call Ash." Sam hinted and Ash nodded. Sam nodded at the opposite couch and Ash sat. "So…"

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