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Carpe Tuus Amicis

Akira was biking to school alone, because Shuuji went for a walk in the rain without his umbrella that weekend and was at home sick. And now poor Akira would also have to eat lunch alone today.

a groggy voice said in Akira’s head.

Nobuta’s voice asked.

Whoever thought telepathy was cool was wrong. It was actually kind of creepy. Like, part of the time it’s this booming voice of god in your head -

- and other times it’s a small treacherous voice you can’t distinguish from your own -

Nobuta actually sounded a little hurt. Whoops.

- and early in the morning or late at night, or all the time, if you were Akira, it's easy to accidentally broadcast all of your thoughts.

If he were sharing thoughts with anyone other than his two best friends, it would be unbearable. But he wasn't and it isn't, so even though it wasn't cool, it was shaping up to be pretty fun.

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