Capturing His Soul
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Capturing His Soul

Tonight was a big night. It was the night of the Draft, and every superstar was one their toes.

There was so much worry on their shoulders, asking themselves who was going to be drafted and which team was going to be broken up.

Especially the NXT talent.

Besides the fact that it was pretty obvious that new talent, and talent that still needed work wasn’t going to move up to the main roster.

And new or current champions weren’t going to go anywhere.

But still, it didn’t thin out the question any better.

And even the floor crew grew excited. Anticipated to see who was going to go where, and who’s dream was finally going to come true.

Even Ophelia was excited. The almost twenty seven year old, NXT photographer couldn’t stop thinking about the draft ever since it was announced.

She thought about it endlessly, she was both excited and nervous for the friends that she made. The people that she got to know and love. Even the ones she didn’t love.

She would be excited for the ones who finally got to go up to the main roster and live their dreams, but then she would be devastated for the ones who didn’t get the chance.

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