Captive Shadows
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Captive Shadows

"We have no other-."

But Elincia would not listen, turning away before he could finish. "We will not become hostile on land that is not our own.

" A habit she'd developed in the last year, maybe a way to handle the amount of people seeking her attention. Geoffrey couldn't be sure, had never made his frustration plain.

Difficult not to now, when submerged in the uncertainty of a Bennish rebellion.

A bland word for what amounted to revolution, mortar and hellfire having shaken the very foundations of this haven for days now.

Still they were surrounded on every passable side, separatists between them and the border while the empire’s quelling forces surged forth from the south.

This ravine was too narrow to fear being marched upon, but that didn't make it any more secure.

Both Begnion and the separatists toiled high above, where the crumbling rock walls met the fields overhead.

Lucia had already stepped out to end the suffering of three soldiers that had fallen from on high.

Soon one would devastate the roof of this abandoned shrine, or the walls of the ravine would finally collapse entirely and bury them beneath stone and clay.

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