Can't Deny These Feelings
Can't Deny These Feelings chicago med stories

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Can't Deny These Feelings

Scene: Chicago Med, 11 P.M. (Sunday)

Connor walks into the break room and pours himself a glass of water.

“Another tough day finally over,” says Connor aloud as he drinks his water knowing no one is around to hear him.

He sits down and rubs his temples as he enjoys the quiet. No more doors opening with EMT’s bringing in new patients.

Zannetti wasn’t in today so he didn’t have her looking over his shoulder in the ER. Will left before he came in so there was no one questioning his decisions.

Man, he hates when Will questions him. Especially so publicly, it was embarrassing and he hates having his authority challenged.

Why did he let Will get under his skin so much? Maybe it’s Will’s arrogance and cocky attitude. But Will does pull off cocky so well…

No…he can’t keep having these kinds of thoughts. The guy pushes his buttons and challenges him almost everyday and all he can think about is how handsome he is.

But Connor can’t deny these feelings that he’s having. Ever since he saw Will on his first day, Connor hasn’t been able to stop thinking about him.

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