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written piece by nekojita posted on commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


It was the cusp of dawn when Billy teleported onto a part of the eastern beach of Genosha, the waves crashing quietly against the white beaches.

The only other sound was the occasional squawk of pelicans and petrels as they hunted for fish,

and he hovered over the water for a moment as he breathed in deep the scent of brine and fresh air.

The magic slowly built inside of him, lured out by the environment, by the melding of ocean and air, of night and day, of the seeming stretch of nothing but elements looming on before him,

of stars crashing into waves….

*Focus*, he chided himself as he took another deep breath and clutched the heavy velvet of his red cloak tighter around his chest.

He was here for a reason, one he wasn’t that certain about but was obligated to fulfil.

He closed his eyes to center himself for a moment before he opened them and stared out across the ocean and then focused his thoughts on what his grandfather wanted – what he seemed to

be spending so much of his talent upon lately.

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