Canal and Bowery
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Canal and Bowery

Hearing music being blasted from the kitchen, Quinn's eyes shot open quicker than a bullet leaving a gun. Glaring he stood from the bed, pretty sure he knew just who was playing the music.

There is only one person it can be and when he saw him he was going to murder him.

Quinn couldn't help but keep his glare as he left his room and headed down the hall towards the kitchen.

"Morning Quinn," Zac grinned as soon as Quinn entered the kitchen. He's sitting at the table eating a slice of the leftover pizza they had last night.

"Fucking dipshit," Quinn groaned as he walked over to Zac, hitting him in the back of the head.

"Your loud ass music woke me up," he snapped before going to where the radio sat on top of the microwave. Reaching out he turned it off before facing Zac again.

"As payback I really hope you drop that pizza."

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