Can You Hear Me When I Call
Can You Hear Me When I Call liam neeson stories

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Can You Hear Me When I Call

Sean practically has a love affair going with his cell phone. He's got specialized ringtones for everyone who calls him, and no shame about any of them.

This is how he ends up with Pat Benatar ("Heartbreaker", for Christian -- Jason almost spilled his coffee when he figured that out, but the fact is,

it's appropriate) or Weird Al ("White and Nerdy", for Jason, which got Sean a cutting look that he pretended to ignore) or a number of other artists streaming out of his pockets.

Christian's given him some shit for them, but Sean clearly doesn't give a damn.

While he's out on a run--and how odd is that, Jason thinks; Sean hasn't always been one for exercise--his phone, left behind on the kitchen counter,

starts playing some kind of ancient-sounding blues riff. By the time Jason gets to it, it's sung the first line--

--and Jason has a feeling he can guess who's on the other end.

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