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Camp For Assholes

We were being sent to a camp for assholes. At least that is what Craig called it. Technically it was the McKormick (No relation to Kenny) behavioral management camp.

Why the both of us? Near the end of Junior year, I might have had a minor breakdown in school and Craig reacted badly.

It was a particularly bad day. Thunder outside, final exams and I had not had any coffee since the night before. A real cluster fuck. Everything was just throwing me off that day.

Finally at lunch when someone spilt my only coffee of the day all over me. That upset me just a tiny bit.

I freaked out and ran through two NEW glass walls in the cafeteria and into several students. Fists first, I knocked anyone in my way down as I zipped through the halls.

I just needed to get outside. I didn't care if glass had torn open my arms and favorite shirt. I did not even care if I was bleeding all over the school. Nothing was going to stop me!

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