Camp Divergent
Camp Divergent four (divergent) stories

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Camp Divergent

I sit down on the bench breathing heavily. Coach Wu claps me on the shoulder. She's gesticulating with her free hand, saying me something but I can't hear her.

I don't try to, I look at the score – Chicago 61; Cleveland 57. The time on the Game clock shows that there are less than two minutes left.

I groan. Two minutes, that's enough time for Cleveland to catch up and beat us. Two tormenting minutes and the finalists will be known. One way or another.

I wipe the sweat off my forehead. It's painful to be sent off the court in this crucial situation but, apparently, Coach thinks I'm too tired to continue.

I shoot her an angry glance but she has already turned to focus on the game. I decide to follow her example.

We have the ball right now, though the attack's turn out to be a complete failure. We can't even get into the right positions.

Cleveland's defense is really tough – it's hard to find any holes in it. Recently they took Time Out and seems like they've deciphered us.

Our girls pass each other the ball, not able to get a clear shot until our attack time is almost over. Marlene makes a desperate shot, missing the hoop completely.

Coach Wu shouts something unflattering and Marlene makes a wild motion with her hands and kicks the ground.

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