Camera Obscura
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Camera Obscura

“You're not as sneaky as you think,” a voice said quietly close to her ear, and Amy nearly jumped out of her seat.

She looked up and expected to see a huge camera in her face, or 20, but all she saw was a smile.

She whipped her head back and forth scanning the area to find the flashes and glares from camera shutters clicking, but no one was focused on her. Except the guy standing beside her.

“Seriously, you look like you just walked out of every spy novel from the last hundred years.

If you're honestly trying to give someone the slip you should at least be reading something you can't purchase with a senior citizen discount,

” he advised and pulled out one of the metal chairs at the table with a cringing scrape on the concrete and sat beside her.

It wasn't her fault that her disguise was hastily shambled together because she had to get out in the real world that morning, she just had to.

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