Calligraphers of Silence
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Calligraphers of Silence

It takes some trial and error, but after a couple months on his own Norio develops a set of habits that seem to work.

He carries a backpack that always contains a change of clothes, a package of wet wipes at least half full, and other necessities as he sees fit.

He picks deodorant and cologne so strong that they make his eyes water and his nose want to climb back into his skull, and reapplies both liberally after every shower,

on every break between classes, and later carries on the habit when he starts picking up jobs. If he sweats he uses the wipes before reapplying the scent maskers, and changes his clothes too.

He even carries dry shampoo in case he sweats in his scalp, though after a particularly bad encounter he starts targeting jobs that keep him inside public venues with air conditioning.

Hiding his own body odor was key, but if possible the overt application deodorant and cologne are a bigger help.

He comes to find that with a strong enough olfactory attack madararui in particular will avert their eyes and their senses as a form of self-preservation,

and try to keep any interactions as quick as possible.

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