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Call My Name

And we're back with the second official installment of this verse!

Given that I'm still working on getting my health in order, I'm not going to commit to updating on a specific day of the week — rather,

my goal is to simply post once a week since I've got a good chunk of this fic already on (virtual) paper.

I also have another, totally unrelated fic coming out about this time next month, so if you're into both Romitri and the Olympics... Stay tuned for that. ;)

This is the sequel to

. You will be completely lost if you haven't read that already.

The fanfare of worried hugs and concerned how-are-you's from the Belikovs was just as big as Rose had expected,

and between reassuring everyone half a dozen times that she was fine and trying to keep up with the family's usual rapid-fire banter,

Rose was worn out before Olena had finished making tea for everyone.

Read the rest via the link in the description!

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