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call it love or call it reason

Her parents call her May, because that's the month she was born in.

But they also call her Buttercup (because she has her dad's yellow hair) and Bean (for no reason she can figure, except maybe that she's small.

) She has two parents, like most kids, but she also kind of has six of them, plus the dozens who drift in and out of the apartment at will. The six are the important ones, anyway.

They teach her universal peace and love for her fellow man, and she gets it, she loves everybody- but the six of them are the ones who really count.

First there's her mom, who she calls "Mom" except when she calls her "Jeanie" instead, because that's what everyone else calls her, so why not?

Mom/Jeanie approves of this, because she thinks kids should be allowed to call adults by their names instead of Mom or Dad or Mister or Misses.

So she sometimes calls her dad- whose name is Woof or possibly "John" even though he makes a face whenever someone says that- by his first name too.

Jeanie and Woof are her first parents, the ones who made her and the ones she lives with, and they tell her all the time that she's perfect, amazing, the best thing they ever did.

"The government makes bombs," Woof says sometimes, "but we did the opposite. We made a person." And then he laughs, but he means it, she can tell.

Jeanie smells like incense- patchouli, sandalwood, myrrh- so it always smells nice when she hugs May, and she makes her little dresses and rompers out of old pillowcases and sheets,

because it's better for the environment that way- Sheila told her.

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