Café of the Round
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A fan work by lunachi_kuroshihone adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Café of the Round

The alarm clock was ringing. A weary eye poked out from under the covers, glaring at the little machine.

Grumbling, she pressed down on it. Grumbling, she stood up and drew back the curtains.

"You take way to long to wake up, dear." A soft voice chimed from across the hallway, amused.

She shook it off. "Laugh all you want, Gwen," her voice was equally playful; showing the ease that only two long-time friends could muster, "but

relish my sleep."

A brown head poked trough the door, smiling at the one currently changing in the room, her gaze lingering maybe a bit

long on the others' body.

Who noticed. Throwing the top over her head, she sighed, muttering, "You do know that you have a

, currently?"

"Mhm," Gwen murmured, "and

do know that we were married?"

Her eyes gazed over the others' form again, glinting. "So you have no right to complain,

Another sigh, followed by blonde hair being pulled into a low ponytail.

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