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The lights were always brightest when they had stood together on stage at the end of every concert.

He could feel his hands tremble, the sweat running down his slick back as his chest heaved up and down, finally conscious of his breathing.

It was then he knew he should look at the crowd and appreciate the people who had taken their music in, felt it, and moved to it.

But instead he looked towards him, Totsuka Tatara; their pianist, the best musician he had ever known.

He always looked so serene, sitting in front of the small keyboard, eyes closed as he let the songs he had written flow into the world. He’d turn towards the crowd and smile, bowing his head.

It was then Suoh knew it was okay to smile, at least, as much as he knew how.

It was these moments he wanted to cherish and hold dear. No one had brought as much happiness to this world as Totsuka Tatara.

Now, things were different, but he couldn’t help remember the feelings he had once known, even if he had to fight against the guilt threatening to overtake his mind.

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