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fan work by itsnotlove adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


The first time it had happened was an accident.

Shizuo had reached out as Izaya danced around in front of him, fingers almost missing their target before the informant stumbled slightly on a crack in the pavement.

He corrected himself quickly, darting out of the way, but not before Shizuo’s fingers made contact with the top of his head.

Izaya braced himself, waiting to be slammed down into the concrete, but the touch had been surprisingly light.

It only lasted for a few moments, Shizuo’s fingers briefly tangling in his dark hair, before he skipped back out of the way.

The taunting stopped as Izaya realised what had happened, and his eyes widened in confusion.

He looked at Shizuo as though he’d never really seen him before, forcing the blond to stop in his tracks with his arm still outstretched.

Shizuo could still feel the silky hair on his fingertips, their softness somehow being translated to him through the thick callouses on his finger tips.

His lips parted slightly, as if he were going to ask Izaya what the fuck he thought he was doing having hair that nice to touch, but never got the chance to speak.

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