Cabin Fever
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Cabin Fever

“This way, we’ve moved the counselor’s cabins this year. The lake flooded in the spring and now most of them are rotting, we use them for storage now.

A little rot can’t hurt plastic canoes and oars!”

“Well, now at least the counselors are closer to the campers in case of an emergency.” Kankri answered, pushing his bangs out of his eyes before adjusting his bag on his shoulder.

The hike from the parking lot where his father dropped him hours ago to the camp was longer than he remembered, but he supposed that perhaps he may be a bit more out of shape than last summer.

It was highly logical, as annoying conventional as it was, his first two semesters away at college may have added some weight.

His shoulder was becoming sore from his luggage, heavy with all the essentials for the next two months.

“It’s always refreshing to hear you thinking professionally Vantas. If only it rubbed off on the others.”

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