C-24: The Truth about Mars
C-24: The Truth about Mars james t. kirk stories

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C-24: The Truth about Mars

Leonard 'Bones' McCoy stood on the transporter pad, alongside Spock and a small security team as they waited for the Captain,

who was currently speaking to Scotty at the transporter control panel.

Growling slightly, Leonard glanced at Spock and the security team, he hated using the transporter it reminded him to much of the Ark.

And the Ark was linked to some memories Leonard would rather not like to be reminded of every other day… What happened at Olduvai was something he hoped would never be repeated.

John 'Reaper' Grimm, as he had once been known as a long time ago, had tried so hard to forget that life and the horrors that had gone with it. He covered his tracks the best he could.

Kept the truth about his DNA a secret.

As much as the world had changed since that fatefully mission, he knew the moment Starfleet or any other organisation found out about his altered DNA, he'd be their new lab rat or worse.

His worst fear was someone who was willing to try and replicate C-24 would find out about him and replicate his DNA.

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