By thrones of crowned kings
By thrones of crowned kings loki has issues stories

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By thrones of crowned kings

They're kings, now, and every king needs a queen. It's always been that way. Alliances, progeny, private counsel: since the dawn of history every great leader has been supported by a great wife.

Loki knows it's only a matter of time. He knows that Thor doesn't realise it, but that Asgard – despite the incredible flexibility it has shown so far – is waiting for it.

He knows that the great families of the Nine Realms are educating and dolling their daughters up as if they were already queens, waiting for the opening of the

. And trying to play dirty at parties, maybe. (Little morsels on display everywhere, buzzing around like flies.)

The very thought makes him bare his teeth. He looks at Thor and condensing frost spills from his lungs.

He thinks of their nights together and the floor freezes under his feet, breaking the soles of his boots. He envisions what he could give Thor, he and

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