By the Petty Crown
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By the Petty Crown

"Port of Hercinia!" Isabela shouted across the deck, as the ship was towed into the docks and bound.

"If you're heading for Wycome, Ostwick, Ansburg, or Markham, this is your stop! If you're tired of the sea, go have some stew in the port -- we set out again at dawn!"

The port town was definitely much smaller than Kirkwall, but most things were -- Anders had heard that even Starkhaven didn't have the population or the spread of the City of Chains.

But, Hercinia seemed smaller and more comfortable.

Not quite small enough that everyone knew everyone else's business, but definitely small enough that the people were probably heard when they spoke.

He kept an arm around Cormac, who was dizzy and sweaty, still, as they stepped off the ship and crossed to the pier.

Cormac knelt and rested his head against the pier, patting the wood affectionately. "Anders, Anders, it's

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