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By Paths Coincident

The shuddering of the Back Door of the Library Annex caused Jenkins to look up from his work.

For a moment the door swung open on a desert landscape before the scene was blocked by the noisy and occasionally noisome Librarians in Training as they were herded to safety by their Guardian.

Jacob Stone was lovingly cradling an amphora filled with rolls of papyrus as if it were a child.  Ezekiel Jones looked cheerfully amoral as was his wont.

And Cassandra Cillian was bouncing with her usual enthusiasm.

“I can’t believe we went to Egypt!” she crowed, waving around the scarf that had been covering her copper hair.

“I know!” Stone was scarcely less excited. “These are first century Coptic scrolls!”

“That I stole for you,” Ezekiel pointed out, looking smug.

Colonel Eve Baird shut the door and wiped the unruly strands of her blond hair from her sweat plastered forehead.

“I take it that you were successfully able to prevent any further attempts to re-animate mummies?

” Jenkins inquired, in the interests of assuring himself that his sacrifice of his peace was not in vain.

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