By Chance
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written piece by delainer adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

By Chance

It’s hot and lightening has begun to flash across the night time New Mexico sky. The wind has picked up dramatically.

Jensen shakes his head as the bad weather will only make things more difficult for them and it’s bad enough now.

Jared is taking longer than he expected and as he stands here deciding on which bag of chips to get he’s finding himself increasingly worried about his friend.

They didn’t want to stop yet, but that gash in Jared’s chest needed tending to because he couldn’t get it to stop bleeding and Jared was getting pale.

Jensen had no choice but to stop and Jared insisted he could handle it himself.

A clean jacket covered the bloody shirt so the gas station attendant wouldn’t see it and stuffed in the pockets were the medical supplies he’d need and a clean t-shirt to put on once he

got himself stitched and cleaned up. They’ll burn the torn and bloody shirt later. Jensen glances at his watch finding it to be after ten.

He surveys the attendant from the corner of his eye, but she’s still thumbing through a magazine and looks up when the computer makes an alert occasionally.

She was polite, looks to be Native American, maybe in her forties, and takes care of herself, but doesn’t overdo the makeup. He wonders what tribe she’s from.

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