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By Any Other Name

While little seemed altered on the surface, Detective Leonard Snart knew better than most that in the wake of the particle accelerator explosion,

Central City had become a far stranger hometown than he’d believed possible.

“Remind me again,” he grunted as he ducked into the back seat of the squad car.  “We’re going to apprehend a metahuman, at a grocery store robbery.”

“Yep,” said Detective West from the front seat.

“In broad daylight.”

“Seems like it,” sighed Detective Thawne, looking over his shoulder at Len with a wry smile.  “I guess superpowers make people cocky.”

“Not cocky, Detective,” Len corrected.  “Just careless.”

Thawne grimaced and turned to face forward as Detective West steered the car into traffic and flicked on the sirens.

Cars parted before them like the Red Sea, squeezing to the side and allowing them a clear, speedy path to the crime scene.

Len stared out the window, his expression pensive.  Some things in Central


He couldn’t help but remember Harrison Wells’ speech eight months ago – his second public appearance in the wake of the disaster, and his first since Len had been discharged from the hospital.

Normally, Len made it a point to attend these sorts of major speeches in person – it was better to be informed – but his newly-developed powers had prevented that.

He’d watched the event from Lisa’s couch, wrapped in blankets to prevent the chill under his skin from seeping into the rest of the house.

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