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Button Blues

There's a quality of the music booths Deb has noticed which causes people to act as though nobody else can see them, free to be themselves for a while.

Deb herself feels safer in them, sits in the little booth with the record player and the emotions of countless strangers still soaked into the walls, and feels guarded.

She doesn't often go in there to actually listen to music, more because she likes the shelter of the walls and the security of being in the most enclosed place in the record shop.

There isn't a lace in this world that feels safer to Deb than the music booths in the record shop.

One of her favorite things to do is sit in one of those booths and do paperwork. Deb has always been better with paper than people.

Better with paper than people and better with buttons than paper, she thinks, pinning a fresh metal circle to the front of her shirt.

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