Butterfly Sanctuary
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Butterfly Sanctuary

Two weeks after promising not to force Rogue out of the guild, Sting went back on his word. Rogue saw it coming, knew it was only a matter of time.

He'd even sent letters out to other guilds in advance, seeing if any might be willing to take him.

He'd also seen it coming that those that responded would do so with a rejection, but he still had to give it a shot. Not that it mattered if they would willfully take him anymore.

"Sorry," Sting said, and for as much as Rogue wished otherwise, he knew Sting meant it. Sting hadn't wanted to remove anyone from the guild so soon into his tenure as master, much less Rogue.

"The Council's spoken. There's no rules against you still coming to the guild, or tagging along when I go on a job, or me deciding to share half the earnings with you.

I mean, we might want to be covert about it until this all blows over, and you still have to remove your guild mark, but…"

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