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Persephone didn’t look like much from far away, Namjoon mused as Jimin murmured confirmations with the landing dock in the seat next to him.

Sure, it was a hub of activity – civilization, even, if you wanted to sound

– but this far out it was just a ball of rock and metal and atmosphere, same as any other planet.

It had Alliance soldiers and new colonists and criminals, and in this case a number of well-to-do types who spent money faster than laborers could earn it.

Spacecraft came and went, business was done… at the end of the day, Namjoon considered, was it really any different than anywhere else?

“D’you think you can hurry her up a bit?” he said to his pilot, who wrinkled his nose up at him, used to Namjoon’s “pre-business existential bullshit” (as Jungkook called it) by now.

“Not unless you want them to shoot us down for hitting atmo without clearance,” Jimin chirped, stabbing at a few buttons.

He didn’t add that Namjoon knew this very well, instead choosing to focus on the task at hand – something for which Namjoon was grateful.

He grunted something in reply and tugged on the strap he was clinging to, staring out the windows thoughtfully until the planet started to obscure his vision of the stars and the

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