but the wolf survives
but the wolf survives mythology stories

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but the wolf survives


Everything inside Diana screamed at her to

. They had to, there was no other way they would survive. The

were behind them, relentless and fueled by the endless hunger that characterized them. She could hear them. Their throaty screeches and feet thumping the ground like war drums.

They were slow, whereas she and her family were not. But they also never tired or ran out of breath, and that gave them the advantage.

Diana was falling behind. Her parents, brother, and sister were only backs in the distance, disappearing behind thick trees with every stride.

No matter how fast she ran or how much her legs pumped to propel her forward, the distance wouldn't diminish. She was running in place as if waist deep in quicksand.

She opened her mouth to call out to them and water poured in, origin unknown. Torrents rushed into her mouth and nose, down her throat, and sloshing heavily in her lungs.

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