But It's Not Funny
But It's Not Funny forgive me for my punctuation stories

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But It's Not Funny

You had a pretty bad habit of laughing at everything.

Like, a

bad habit.

The world wasn’t actually as funny as you made it out to be, but honestly, how could anyone fault you for trying so hard to be happy? You were just trying to get by.

Though, maybe avoiding serious topics by laughing it off wasn’t exactly the best of strategies—and avoiding feelings by pretending nothing bothered you?

Hah… You knew it wasn’t healthy. You knew it wasn’t funny. But what else could you do?

It was either pretend nothing was wrong or cry. And... you didn't like to cry.

You needed to be strong. Needed to be strong for everyone… and so, that meant, smile when you felt like crying, laugh when you felt like dying, and let no one know your true pain.

Years back, when you had gone to your mother’s funeral, well, suffice it to say that, you were a little too light-hearted about it.

You just couldn’t take it as seriously as you knew you were supposed to. It was a problem. (But it was so much easier to hide from your feelings than confront them, right?)

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