But I ain't finished, I'm devoted
But I ain't finished, I'm devoted shaundi (saints row) stories

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But I ain't finished, I'm devoted

“Yo, Sammy!” V gave a fistbump to one of the Saints standing by the side entrance. “You see Dex or Troy today?”

“Yeah, but I think Dex is tied up with the bossman. Troy’s somewhere inside. You got some shit to get done?”

“There’s always shit, Sam, but I’d rather tackle it now than have it tackle me later. Going to hit up FB tonight?”

“Hell yeah, girl. Catch you there?”

“You know it,” she said, grinning. “I’ll give you a call later once things are done.”

Things were looking pretty busy for an otherwise normal morning. Saints were moving in and out, all or most of them armed, and she hoped she could get in on the action as well.

With all three gangs starting to take notice, the call for Saints to take up the cause was stronger than ever, and they needed their crew to stand tall.

Hell, she needed to stand tall, and whenever she was left alone she always grew restless with nothing to do.

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