but deliver us from evil
but deliver us from evil turkey (hetalia: axis powers) stories

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but deliver us from evil

Every week at bare minimum, Herakles meets Sadik.

It's in a gay bar in Athens or Istanbul, in Sadik's house in Ankara, in a hotel outside the UN, or rarely in the latest of Herakles' series of barely distinguishable,

always-dilapidated apartments. Invariably, they argue. Almost always, they have sex. Sometimes, for variety, Herakles punches him first.

Occasionally he punches him after if Sadik makes the mistake of talking to him then.

After punching Sadik and storming off, he tells Mohamed that he can't help it, that Sadik is too infuriating

Herakles isn't sure why he bothers making excuses to Mohamed. Provided Herakles doesn't damage his face, Mohamed doesn't care if he punches Sadik. He wouldn't care if Herakles stabbed him.

It's entirely possible that if he was present, he would cheer Herakles on.

Less than once a week, but more than once a month, Herakles goes to church.

His sleep cycle can make it difficult to get there. Falling asleep on your feet in church makes an unfortunate public spectacle in a way that falling asleep at your desk doesn't.

But unlike work, he only has to stay awake a couple of hours and then he can go home and go to bed, so it mostly works out.

He prefers either afternoon services or very early morning ones, so that he can stay up until they're over.

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