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Burning Up

“There is something wrong with him.” Megatron held Starscream by the neck and lifted him like a doll. The seeker pawed feebly at Megatron's hand, his body trembling. “Fix him.”

Knock Out folded his arms. Usually Starscream's biggest problem was

, but he ran a quick surface scan of his commander's systems just in case. True, he was giving off some strange readings.

“Hmmm. If you would be so kind, Lord Megatron,” he said, and stepped aside to gesture toward the vacant medical berth in the centre of the room. “Set him down and I'll have a look at him.”

Megatron moved forward, his steps making the delicate equipment stacked around the lab vibrate and shake. He threw the seeker down on the berth, face-down.

Starscream muttered and turned himself over. His wings were hiked up high and his optics were feverishly bright. Knock Out stepped forward.

“Were you intending to stay for the examination, my lord?” he asked smoothly. He already had a good idea of what was glitching Starscream's gears.

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