Burn Bright
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fanfic by cym70 adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Burn Bright

Yellow was loath to admit it, but their descent to Earth was more of a controlled crash than a proper landing.

They had put the escape pod through a lot more than it was meant for, and she was mostly just glad they

to Earth.

She pinpointed the location where the renegade Pearl had been according to the file and, once they were close enough, aimed them in that general direction,

hoping they wouldn’t have too much searching to do. She only had minimal knowledge about the inhabitants of the planet, and it was probably best to avoid them if possible.

Regardless, their landing wasn’t terribly jarring, and she and Blue were strapped in well enough to avoid getting flung around too much.

They were on land, thankfully, atop some kind of small hill, though they could see ocean on the horizon.

“Okay?” Blue asked immediately after they’d skidded to a complete halt.

“Yeah, you?” Yellow unbuckled and tried to run a diagnostic on the escape pod. It failed to even start, so she figured it was a safe bet that it wouldn’t be usable anymore.

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