Buried Coals
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Buried Coals


"Billa! Billa, wake up!"

She thrashed wildly, the blanket tangling around her body, binding her, choking her. The orcs! The orcs were coming, and it was her duty, she had to-


The halfling blinked, shaking and panting. In the half-light of the dim chamber, she could see Thorin's eyes gleaming at her, his aquiline nose, his short beard. No orcs.

No Ori - and that had been ridiculous anyway. Ori didn't have a son. And besides, Dain would have defended the Mountain with his life. Where had he been, and his soldiers?

"Are you alright? You... you were screaming." Thorin sounded a little shaky himself. Billa forced a short laugh, but it sounded hysterical, so she gave up.

"Nightmare." She ran her hands over his arms, his neck, his face. He was alive. He was okay. "I was you. The Mountain was under attack. The orcs were going to... I couldn't let them.

I had to..." She trailed off. She didn't want to remember.

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