Bundle of Wire
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Bundle of Wire

When he was a child, he thought there was an ethereal beauty to soulmates. Someone unwilling to judge but accepting of your flaws, someone that the universe created just for you.

They would be your best friend, your lover, your partner in crime. They were the reason the Earth spun on its axis, the reason why red was associated with soulmates and love.

Nothing was stronger than a soul mate's bond, and all that tied them together was a string of red thread tied around their pinkies.

Children would often play a game; following where their thread led, twisting across the ground and pulled tight over streams, laying over sofas and caught high in the trees.

The children would only get so far before returning home to their bed.

Everyone's threads were only completely visible to themselves. To everyone else's eyes, anyone else's threads disappeared before it even spanned the length of their forearm.

It was only possible to see your own very clearly, unless soulmates stood together.

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